I grew up in the rural farm side of Cochranville, Pennsylvania and currently reside in Kennett. 


I received my BFA in ceramics from West Chester University in 2014. I began working in ceramic studios and sculpture woodshops as a technician. While working in a university setting I decided to pursue my MFA at Moore College of Art and Design and graduated in 2017.


As an artist, craft and craftsmanship is a large part of my work. Utilitarian objects are my medium for exploration. I am also very interested in the juxtaposition of the vessel versus the subject.

I like to explore contrasting meanings in materials and concepts. I use a material like clay, which has a long durable history, to capture a particular moment or a subject that has such a short life expectancy. I look at the body as subject, not as ideal form. 

I address the human form as a vessel, a vessel that we are contained by. The idea of the body as a vessel confronts the limited time we are in possession of it and spend time within it, we also transform with this form while we contain it. After we no longer occupy the vessel, there is a void or missing part of the body. I am capturing a moment in time and preserving a feeling or act, in a rigid material, almost like an artifact that captures a moment in our development. These snippets of our timeline focus on the traumas we face through life on a daily basis and the afflictions we gather through life. We are temporary, we all have an uncontrollable demise, and our bodies are not ever-lasting.